Puppies Available
The following pictures are puppies that are still available at this time and can be held for a $100 non-refundable deposit.  This can be done through paypal on our contact us page or by sending a check with your name, address, phone number, cell number, sex, and color of puppy. Please call to see when your puppy will be ready to pick up personally, ship anywhere in the US, or door to door delivery is available in certain areas.  
(Estimated Current Shipping Charges are $400)

Currently, we plan to have a couple litters in late fall. We should have blacks and browns in these litters along with maybe some colors.  We only have a litter of landseer puppies once a year usually in the late summer.  All paid deposits get moved up to the top of the waiting list. 

We are taking a deposit of $100 to be put on a waiting list for all future black and brown males that are born.  We will call you and confirm when your puppy is born. Always feel free to call and get an update on the whelping dates and answer any questions that you might still have on the Newfie puppies. 

All questions are always welcome here at Lynn Kay Kennels and we’re always happy to hear how our fellow Newfie dog lovers are doing. 
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Updated: November 4, 2018

Next litter due JULY - SEPTEMBER

We will be having blacks and colors. Please email us if you would like to be put on a call back waiting list when the puppies are born.  All paid deposits get moved up to the top of the waiting list and get called first to see if they would like a puppy in that particular litter or pass and wait for the next litter.  Check back periodicaly to see where you name falls on the waiting list.  
 Please call us for details.

C: 810-691-4052 - Preferred
H: 810-631-4042 - Home    

email me
gray/white, black/white markings, brown/white, white/black markings, gray/white spotted, fawn white/black markings 

Please call Linda at Home: 810-631-4042 or Cell: 810-691-4052 if you have any questions about our next litter due to be born soon. It is much easier for mother to talk to you personally over the phone than through email since she is unfortunately not very computer literate.   


If you have placed a deposit and would like a status on your puppy, please call us to verify where your name is located on the waiting list. We want to make sure everyone has been contacted as we have updated our records and did not want to forget about anyone that has placed a deposit. Some of our emails were lost when our system was down and we want to make sure we have contacted anyone that has passed in previous litters. 
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