"Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative." ~ Mordecai Wyatt Johnson

Lynn Kay Kennels welcomes our newest litter.  
These babies were born on July 6th and be ready to go home on September 2nd.

Door to Door Delivery & Shipping Available
The following pictures are puppies that are still available at this time and can be held for a $100 non-refundable deposit which is good for life.  This can be done through PayPal on our contact us page or by sending a check with your name, address, phone number, cell number, sex, and color of puppy. We will call and let you know when your puppy will be ready for pick up.  We ship anywhere in the continental US and we also offer door to door delivery where available.  Currently the estimated Shipping /Delivery Charge is $500. We have been able to keep our shipping charges low for the past 10 years, but cost of living is making us raise the price a bit this year.  Also, all western states shipping will be dependent on mileage since it's cheaper to ship than drive at times for these areas, but during summer months we are not able to ship if the temperature is too high for shipping.  Most customers choose to have their puppy shipped.  Some customers are concerned about flying a puppy, but please be assured we have flown hundreds of puppies over the years and have never had any issues.  We make sure your puppy is kept safe and cared for during their travels.  They are shipped in airline approved crate with water and food dish and paper for accidents.  During door to door delivery, your puppy will be fed, watered and walked according to their normal schedule when traveling. 

Currently, we plan to have a couple litters in late fall. We should have blacks and browns in these litters along with maybe some colors.  We only have a litter of Landseer puppies once a year usually in the late summer.  Keep in mind, all paid deposits get moved up to the top of the waiting list. We are taking a deposit of $100 to be put on a waiting list for all future black males that are born. These have been the most popular this year.  We will call and confirm when your puppy is born. Always feel free to call and get an update on the whelping dates and answer any questions that you might still have on the Newfie puppies. 

All questions are always welcome here at Lynn Kay Kennels and we’re always happy to hear how our fellow Newfie dog lovers are doing. 

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Current Litter - Nanny & Buddy
Born on July 6th - Ready to go home September 2nd.
The following are puppies available to be placed in a home that will be ready to go home Labor Day weekend.  Please check back with us or email us for updates on what is still available in current litter.  See picures abve for this litter. 

Mother's Name: Nanny
Father's Name: Buddy

(3) Black Females - SOLD
(1) Black Males - SOLD
(1) Silver/Gray Female - SOLD
(2) Silver/Gray Males - 1 Male Available 12 Weeks Old
Home: 810-631-4042 
Cell: 810-691-4052 - Preferred
Email: [email protected]

Office Hours: Welcome to call anytime! 

If you have placed a deposit and would like a status on your puppy, please call us to verify where your name is located on the waiting list. We want to make sure everyone has been contacted as we have updated our records and did not want to forget about anyone that has placed a deposit.  It is much easier for mother to talk to you personally over the phone than through email since she is unfortunately not very computer literate.   

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**NOTE We have included all PayPal fees in the purchase price if you  choose to pay for your puppy in full with PayPal.  Thanks

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Note - All puppy deposits are non-refundable even if customer pulls out after they have agreed to buy the puppy and be placed on a waiting list.  This is one reason why we only ask for $100 deposit whereas most breeders will ask for $500 or more.  
​​The Newfoundland has a moderate energy level and sometimes they just like to be lazy.  Daily walks and some playtime is plenty for this breed.  They are known for being water dogs, so don’t be afraid of going swimming with them if desired.  In addition, they also would enjoy the dog park and training in dog sports.  They are a good fit for carting, obedience, tracking, herding and really enjoy a wide variety of activities.  It’s very important that you keep the activities to “Low Impact” sports until they are 1 ½ to 2 years old.  Their bones are still growing and their joints are still developing during this time.  You do not want to expose strenuous “High Impact” exercise during this time which can damage their growing and developing joints.  Just be cautious so that they do not overdue it and hurt themselves.  They are not fully grown until they are four years old.  

A full grown Newfoundland usually stands 26-28 inches tall.  The males range from 120-150 lbs and the females range from 100-120 lbs.  The average lifespan of our dogs are 10 years.  We have had some that have lived up to 14 years.  
The Newfoundland is relatively a healthy breed.  Some dogs are prone to joint issues as they age just as any other dog is as well.  Other concerns associated with the Newfie include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cardiac disease and a condition called Cysturnia which causes stones to form in the urinary track.  

We recommend a veterinary visit within a few days of receiving your puppy.  Your vet will advise you when to begin Flea & Tick and Heartworm prevention and when to have follow-up vaccinations.  We strongly encourage you to AVOID dog shows, dog parks, public potty areas at rest stops and any other public areas until your puppy is fully vaccinated.  Your puppy needs to build up their immune system.  Your puppy can get the flu just like you and me so we tend to error on the side of caution until they are fully immune and acclimated to the area.
 No bloodline is absolutely free of all hereditary problems therefore, all our puppies come with a full one year 100% guarantee and their hearts for life. They are all AKC Fully Registered. They will have a complete wellness exam entail their first shots and the litter is wormed before they are released to their owners.  You will be provided a copy of your puppy’s health records and shots/working schedule so that you can keep updated.  

We will let you know what food they are currently eating so that you can keep them on this food until you decide what brand you will be feeding the new puppy.  We recommend that you mix the new food 50/50 if you plan to switch foods.  Please research the and see if they had any recalls. If you do decide on another food do not go with a lamb protein since it’s low in fat and puppies don’t do well on it.  Mix ½ brand puppy is currently on with ½ of new brand for at least a week to acclimate them on the new food.  Never feed cooked chicken bones or rawhide bones to your puppy.  Healthy snacks include carrots, apples, frozen blue berries, all natural bite size crackers.  

​The first 24 hours your puppy might experience loneliness.  We ask that when you come pick the puppy up to bring a piece of clothing that has your scent on it so they will feel safe in their crate.  It will take time getting your puppy settled into your home and getting them on your schedule, but please be patient because they are so worth it in the end.  Make sure your puppy is eating and drinking. Take them outside every time they finish eating or drinking so that they can get use to doing their business to help avoid accidents.  Take them to the same spot in the yard so that they can get use to their smell and it reminds them they need to go potty.  Reward them when they go potty outside.  We use a bell on the door that we teach to go ring the bell when they need to go outside.  We use a crate when potty training and please visit “Pet Information” page on our site for more information.  Don’t forgot to gate off any stairs so puppy doesn’t accidently fall down them.  You will want to teach them to go up and down the stairs when they are young so you will not have any issue later in life.  Please keep any chemicals out of reach and debris present or near the puppy (sticks, beads, kid’s toy’s, ect.) Never leave your puppy unattended because they will chew so make sure they have safe toys.  They are just like a toddler and need to be watched since they are still a puppy and they like to explore.  
Dry Mouth ~ No more drool save on your pants and furniture!
Door to Door Shipping
Ship Continental US 
At any time in your puppy’s life you cannot keep them, we will take them back no questions asked.  Never abandon them or put them in the pound or give them away.  Our puppies are very important to us and no would understand what a breeder goes through for each litter unless they experience it for themselves.  The sleepless nights, emergency vet visits, sleeping on the floor during deliveries, cleaning, hand feedings, play time you name it we have done it.  We have watched them grow and cared for them for the first eight weeks of their life and we look forward to seeing pictures of them as they continue to grow and be happy in their new home.  

Thanks for visiting our site and please feel free to contact us anytime.  All questions are welcome.