Customer Testimonials

"No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich"  ~ Louis Sabin

"We had to say goodbye today to our brown 12 year old newf. Moses.. He gave us so much love and joy and for that Dean and I want to thank you. Moses was a great friend and teacher to our younger newf. Bentley.. He will miss his old friend and the great times they had playing together. Thanks for being such a wonderful part of our lives." ~ Dean, Beth, and Mason, IN

Thank you for inviting us into your home. We had a great time and enjoyed talking with you, playing with the puppies and seeing the entir"e Newfie Family you have. You are a wealth of information about the breed and your genuine love for them shines through your eyes and your smile when you talk about them. I know they are great dogs, but it was solidified when I was able to pet a Mom while she nursed her babies and my 3yr old was jumping around her. That says a lot about these beautiful animals. And you are right, seeing is believing...there is no drool! We look forward to seeing you again and picking up or new addition to our family." ​ 
 ~ The Lind Family

"Hi Linda, Just thought I would let you know 1 year after receiving our newfie pup from you we could not be happier! Our Newf (Charles) is such a great addition to our family and we could not imagine life without him. Thought I would share some photos with you. We are very grateful for the puppy you bred for us and I am constantly spreading the word about our wonderful breeder Lynn Kay Kennels. Please keep up the good work; we hope that this breed continues on forever! Sincerely Thankful, ~  Matt & Stacey

"We purchased a female pup and she is AWESOME! The best behaved pup we've had. She has the sweetest disposition ever, just that kind, gentle eye looking straight to your soul.  ~ Terry, WA

"Our Caly is 5 years old now. She's l54 lbs. (you said she was going to be a big girl) and a great dog. We love her to bits-lots of hair but no drooling is a plus. Well thanks again for a lovable Newfie." ~ Julie Lynn, MI

Daisy has quickly become the favorite of the household! Her temperament is very sweet, and loving. She is smart as well! Catches a frisbee ( sometimes), loves kids! Plays well with our cat Stewy, she licks him, but he doesn’t mind. Daisy has the coolest markings too! White speckled front feet w a perfect question mark on her tummy! I’d love to have 10 of her! [email protected]

"​​​​Dear Lynn, Our baby out grew her collar! She is now 8lbs heavier and much taller.  We've named her JoJo and just love her to death, so do the grandkids! She is very much spoiled - Thank you so much Sincerely, Kay & Bob Bennett & JoJo

"​​​​Paid in full and waitied a year for my baby.  A few pictures of our sweetheart.  He is so smart, silly, and sweet!  We just love him so much!!! He is soooo smart and a love. He is the BEST!!! He is sleepy on the deck outside where it’s cool in the northern CA coast!~ Marian Hemingway

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"He was told mud baths are the thing to keeping cool"